Pizzeria Credo in West Seattle

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Seattle’s Best Wood Fired Pizza ~ Authentic Pasta ~ Spectacular Salads

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Credo’s wood fired Napoletano-style, thin-crust pizza is made from imported Italian flour and tomatoes, with homemade mozzarella. Credo’s gourmet pasta is made from classic Italian recipes. And Chef Jacques’ signature salads are both delicious and beautiful mixes of local organic greens and fresh cheeses, fruits, nuts and flowers.

Credo features a full bar, all in a cozy West Seattle cafe where customers often linger to talk and families are welcome.

Check out our back room for those special parties—and ask about options for large private events!


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Chef Jacques Nawar’s pizza is made with homemade mozzarella and baked in a wood fired oven burning apple tree wood from Yakima.


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Best pizza in West Seattle. Outstanding wines and the salads are brilliant.

” citation=”– Rod, Facebook”] [pt_blockquote content=”

I highly recommend this restaurant for amazing food, friendly & efficient staff (plus owner Jacques is awesome) and decor! We had Sofia’s salad, which is indescribable, and the Pasta Carbonara- best I’ve had.

” citation=”– Dawn, Trip Advisor”] [pt_blockquote content=”

If I could give more then 5 stars I would! The proprietor gives his patrons a true European dining experience. The pizza was fantastic Napoli style and as good as any pizza in Italy. The salad was fresh, tiramisu amazing and cappuccino perfect!

” citation=”– Leanne, Trip Advisor”] [pt_blockquote content=”

Hands down the best pizza in the greater Seattle area, probably the best pizza I’ve ever consumed… Credo is so much more than a pizza joint. It’s a high-end cultural experience taken right out of Europe and placed gently onto your table.

” citation=”– Jeffery, Yelp”] [pt_blockquote content=”

The owner, Jacques, came out and greeted us. He was sincere, kind, and made us feel the love…every visit…The polenta with mushrooms and goat cheese was melt-in-your-mouth with a sophisticated flavor. The wine recommendations were spot on….

” citation=”– Lucy, Trip Advisor”] [pt_blockquote content=”

I love Credo! It really IS that good.

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